Shanghai International Ballet Competition

Lili Xin

Director of the Shanghai Ballet, National First-class Dancer

In 2000, Lili was appointed Artistic Associate of the Shanghai Ballet and in July 2001, she was appointed as Artistic Director of the Shanghai Ballet. She was appointed to be Director of the Shanghai Ballet in September, 2011. Lili technically trained FAN Xiaofeng and SUN Shenyi, Ji Pingping, Wu Husheng and a lot of young ballet stars.

Lili appeared outstandingly on the stage and she danced principal roles in Swan Lake, Giselle, Don Quixote, Romeo &Juliet, as well as in Chinese ballets The White-haired Girl, Thunderstorm, Song of Youth, Soul, and the Butterfly Lovers.

In April 2004, Lili was invited to be a jury member of the Prix Benois de la Danse. In June 2005, she was invited to be a jury member of New York International Ballet Competition. In 2007, Lili was invited to be a jury member of the 4th Shanghai International Ballet Competition. In June 2010, she was invited to attend the 60th Anniversary of English National Ballet and performed as the Mother in Swan Lake. In 2013, Lili was invited to be a jury member of the 2nd Beijing International Ballet Competition.


Lili won Silver Medal at the New York International Ballet Competition in 1987. She won 1st Grand Prix Couple in the Third Paris International Dance Competition (Classical) with her partner YANG Xinhua in 1988.

5th Shanghai International Ballet Competition Judges

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