About the International Ballet Academy Association In Korea

The Korea International Ballet Academy Association is evolved from the International Ballet Academy Forum founded in May 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.

The Forum launched as a non-profit organization, collaborated with 30 professional ballet arts schools, universities, and institutions across the nation. After a year, more than 50 Korean ballet schools and institutions and foreign ballet companies joined the Forum. In May 2016, the Forum was restructured and re-named as the International Ballet Academy Association in Korea.

The aim of the Association is to form an international ballet competition in South Korea through which Korean students have an opportunity to study abroad or join professional ballet companies in overseas. The Association also aims to function as a hub to connect Korean and foreign ballet communities and provides an efficient way for Korean ballet students and their teachers to acquire information about ballet events and festivals around the world.

From July 28-30, 2016, the Korea International Ballet Academy Association will hold the 1st International Scholarship Korea Ballet Competition and Workshop in Seoul, South Korea. For this event, the Association will invite internationally well-known ballet school principals and company directors to South Korea. The principals and directors will directly select study abroad scholarship recipients and cast members for ballet companies in abroad. The event will offer Korean students, particularly from low-income families, a unique chance to go out into the world by attending the competition.

Zhao Ru Heng, the symbol of Beijing ballet, Julio Bocca, the legend of male ballet, Caroline Iura, a ballet master of Dutch National Ballet’s Junior Company who is loved by Korean ballet students, Madeleine Onne, the director of Hong Kong Ballet who is the heart of Hong Kong Ballet, will serve as referees as well as guest artists for workshop.

In 2017, we extended international competition-centered business to various fields of preformance and workshop, etc thanks to the remarkable activities of International Ballet Academy.

We could learn Russia <Vaganova Method> in person as a partner of <Heritage Ballet Summer Academy> in st-petersburg and took part in collaborative performance with Mongolian State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet and Invitation Ballet Performance making a new partnership with Ballet Arts Association of Mongolian in 2017.

In January 2018, for a month, the Mongolian National Ballet Male Dancers and Korean Female Dancers held a Pas de deux workshop in Korea.

We starts the 1st IBAA Busan Dance Competition in 2018.

Not only by learning the choreography of Ernst Meisner(Artistic Coordinator, Dutch National Junior Company) at the 3rd International Scholarship Korea Ballet Competition but also doing many other things in 2018, we have a global status.


Increasing connections with international ballet schools and institutions

Providing information about ballet schools, junior ballet companies, and professional ballet companies all over the world

Supporting and providing information about international ballet competitions

 supporting guest performance of world class ballet company at international events and Collaboration

Business Agenda

Hosting the International Scholarship Korea Ballet Competition and Workshop

Offering seminars and workshops for ballet instructors and students

Providing scholarships for entering ballet companies and ballet schools in abroad

Support for joining overseas ballet company and selecting scholarship students

 Mongolian State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet Performance

 Heritage Ballet Summer Academy Participation & Scholarship

Youth International Ballet Festival Palermo, Sicily Italy Participation

Support and Participation of international ballet competition -Helsinki International Ballet Competition -Shanghai International Ballet Competition -Beijing International Ballet Competition -Indianapolis City Ballet Dance Competition -International Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition in Lecce, Italy -International Ballet Competition in Mexico -Mongolian International Ballet Competition